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United States Power Squadron 


United States Power Squadron

Organized in 1914, USPS is a non profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects.
USPS Membership Page National information for first timers, Orientation package, numerous forms. Lots of good stuff.
United States Power  Squadron – District 4 The Home Page for our home District .
USPS Storm Central The link was established as a USPS emergency communication system (Storm Central) and is designed to function like a bulletin board for posting messages about “where you are” in the event of an evacuation (or related contact information), information from members who are offering to volunteer their house as an evacuation safe haven, messages from members who are in need of a place to stay and have pets, or just assistance and help, etc.
History of the United States Power Squadron Links to the USPS historian’s committee for information about USPS
How to fly Flags USPS instructions on flying your flags and burgees
National Safe Boating Test Test your boating knowledge
Float Plan The USPS float plan template is a flexible tool for helping you generate a customized float plan
Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons The Home Page of the Canadian equivalent of the United States Power Squadrons.
Commodore Uniform Company A uniform supplier for the USPS.  The USPS Ships Store also has many uniform and other accessories.

US Government

Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States of America A website dedicated to the Flag of the United States of America – What do the colors of the Flag mean?
NASA site The official NASA site.
US Government recalls A one stop site for government recalls.  This includes boats.
Department of Homeland Security         A one stop site for government recalls.  This includes boats.

Coast Guard Links, State of NJ, NY & PA

USCG This is the Coast Guard web home page.
The US Coast Guard Auxiliary The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the civilian volunteer arm of the United States Coast Guard – 35,000 men and women who donate their time and expertise to support the Coast Guard and improve boating safety.
USCG – Navigation Center The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN) provides quality navigation services that promote safe transportation, support the commerce of the United States.  Raritan Bay is in the 1st CG District.
 USCG – Office of Boating Safety
USCG – MMSI (How to register MMSI)  Maritime Mobile Service Identity
NJ Boater Information NJ Marine resource website.  Great for NJ boaters.
NJ State Police NJ State Police site with marine information
NJ Dept. of Homeland Security NJ Homeland Security resource
State of NJ Boat Registration  Online boat registration for the State of NJ
NJ State Marine Police Website  NJ State Marine Police website

Weather links

NOAA Home page Home page for all NOAA products.  If you have a NOAA broken link try this page.
NOAA Weather Forecasts & Information
Weather Channel The Weather Channel
NOAA Buoy weather information NOAA has a web site that we can access to view weather and sea conditions off the NJ coast or other areas of the country.  When you log on you will find all kinds of information, including a map showing the location of various buoys.
Weather Underground Site with hourly predictions and details.  Private site with ads.
Weather Boating Industry Recreational Boating Industry Weather
Boats, Yachts: Safe Harbor – Hurricane Preparation  Hurricane preparation information site
Marine Weather (private) Forecasts
ONR  Science & Technology Focus: Oceanography Office of Navel Research, interesting
Florida State University Weather Education Moderately interesting
National Hurricane Center NOAA Hurricane center site
Boat US Hurricane preparedness Boat US help for Hurricanes

Tide Predictions

Tide predictions Tide predictions for USA.  Pick a state and location.
Tide program Privately written and maintained see disclaimer.
NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Surface Currents Tide and current predictions for East River, Hell Gate, Hudson River Etc.

Charts, Navigation & Maps

NOAA Main Page The Office of Coast Survey (OCS) produces nautical charts for United States waters, including its possessions and territories.
NOAA Charts The Office of Coast Survey (OCS) produces nautical charts for United States waters, including its possessions and territories. This also includes updates.  You must agree to disclaimer to use the site.
US Geological Survey Home Site
Charts on Demand NOAA charts on demand information
NOAA Nautical Charts – OceanGrafix – NOAA Nautical Chart Agents Commercial Map and Chart site
MapTech Commercial Map and Chart site
Rand McNally Internet map site
Mapquest Internet map site
Navigation site Basics, LOP, Compass, Tides and more Extensive maps and satellite photos plus other information for boaters.  Good planning tool.
VHF Radio Tutorial and  VHF Rescue 21 Simulator How  the VHF radio works and how it works with Rescue 21.  It runs about 35 minutes, but is worth taking the time.
Live Map This is an AIS program.   It comes up on “LIVE MAP”.
Click on the area that you want, as it is now on WORLD COVERAGE.
Then ZoooooooooooooooooM in and watch the LIVE boat traffic.

Graphics & Misc.

Robert’s Rules of Order Robert’s Rules of Order 1915 edition complete
Animated Knots A great website of knots. Dynamic tying of knots.
Ropers Knot Page A great website of knots.  All different types  with pictures
Knot Tying Someone put this together form a bunch of different sites.
United States Flag A wealth of information on the United States Flag plus Graphics
Newark Star-Ledger Boating Blog Charles Zusman writes on boating subjects.  May be of interest to boater.
Happening in your town Find out what is happening in your town.

Computer Resources

Truth or Fiction Site to check computer rumors
Urban Legends Site to check computer rumors
WiFi for boats WiFi at sea for boats
Island Time PC 12volt PC systems
Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus Free Antivirus from Microsoft. Works great and is FREE!
Mcafee McAfee virus site for virus info

Other Organizations

Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club web site
Keyport Yacht Club Keyport Yacht Club web site.
Directions to Keyport Yacht Club Keyport Yacht Club (Open Directions to KYC and enter115 First Street, Keyport, NJ 07735 for destination then enter your address for start location or other as appropriate.)
Raritan Yacht Club Raritan Yacht Club web site
Coastal Boating dot net Boating info site

Fishing Links

Take Me Fishing Fishing General
New Jersey Fishing Registration Free NJ State Free Salt Water Fishing Registration
 Fishing Tech                                                                  Fishing Technology

Sailing Links

Mark Rosenstein’s Sailing Page Sailing Page
Seas National SEAS – The Society for the Education of American Sailors
Seas Monmouth County SEAS – The Society for the Education of American Sailors
SEAS Morris County SEAS – The Society for the Education of American Sailors
US Sailing Main US Sailing site


Advanced Navigation Online course for marine navigation
The COOLRoom Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Lab
The Planetary Society The largest nonprofit nongovernmental space advocacy group on Earth.
How things are made Site that describes how different devices operate i.e. airbags, air conditioners

Commercial – General

Boat Industry Page Boat building industry information.
Sport Fishing Current Fishing reports New Jersey
NADA Boat Guide The NADA Boat Guide provides used values for boats, personal watercrafts, outboard motors, and boat trailers.   In addition to specifications, it provides two retail consumer values – low retail value (for boats that show excessive wear and tear) and average retail value (for boats in good condition, moderate wear and tear, with no visible damage or defects, and in sound running condition).
Boat History Report If you find a boat you are interested in, you will want to obtain a boat history report (one partner of NADA that provides this service can be found at ( and have a structural inspection completed to ensure that you determine if the boat has sustained damage due to a hurricane, flood, or accident.

Commercial sites for boating equipment

Boat USBoats for Sale
Garmin GPS
Magellan GPS
Marine Surveyors
Teak Products (Foreign)
West Marine
Long Distance WiFi for Boats
Zincs on line