Squadron Committees

Committees Reporting to the Squadron at Large

Auditing Giuseppe Carlomagno
Nominating Vincent Praino, Robert Rafano, Phyliss Zindulis
Rules Robert Stahl, Csaba Varga

Committees Reporting to the Commander

Merit Marks Robert Stahl, Andrew Anastasio, Manuel Alvaraz

Committees Reporting to the Executive Committee

Budget Alan Brown
Property & Supply
Records Review Vincent Praino
Educational Fund

Committees Reporting to the Executive Officer

Membership Alan Brown
Safety Bernice Fiorentini
Vessel Safety Check Joseph Zindulis

Committees Reporting to the Administrative Officer

Picnic Csaba Varga, Mike Lachansky
Halloween Party
Holiday Party

Committees Reporting to the Secretary

Computer Support  Serenella Stahl
Website Russ Baker, David Drummond
Roster  Serenella, Stahl, Robert, Stahl