Members at Large


Job Description

Members At Large are elected at the Annual Meeting to serve on the Executive Committee along with the Bridge Officers.  This position involves a number of duties.


1.      Attend meetings of the Executive Committee(the squadron’s Board of Directors), participate in discussions, and vote on any issue that comes before the committee.

2.      Attend as many general member meetings as possible.

3.      Stand and introduce yourself as a Member At Large at general meetings.

4.      Participate in the orientation of new members at gatherings held just before general meetings.

a.   Introduce yourself.

b.   Explain that the New Member Assistants will guide them during the first year of membership, but that you are a conduit to the Executive Committee.

c.   Encourage the new members to offer you at any time suggestions, ideas, or comments that should be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee.

5.      Interact with members at meetings or by phone/e-mail to solicit ideas or comments that the Executive Committee may want to consider.

a.   Engage members in conversation.

b.   Make a point of interacting with new members to stimulate their interest in the Squadron.

6.      Be prepared to report at meetings of the Executive Committee any garnered information.

7.      Write an article for the Squadron publication, Relative Bearings for the month assigned by the Executive Committee.

a.   In general, the article should be timely for the month assigned, i.e., the theme should be related to current, and upcoming events; however personal comments and experiences are welcome.

b.   The article must be submitted to the Editor, Chub Varga, no later than the 15th of the previous month.

8.   Assist the Executive Committee with your skills and interests.