Past Education Officers

Past Education Officers of RBPS

* Crossed the Bar

Wellington Rounds 1968
Wellington Rounds 1969
Edward Goldman, AP 1970
Leroy Crooks, AP* 1971P/R/C
Leroy Crooks, JN* 1972P/R/C
Leroy Crooks, N* 1973P/R/C
Leroy Crooks, N* 1974P/R/C
George O. Baldwin, JN* 1975
George O. Baldwin, JN* 1976
George O. Baldwin, SN* 1977
George O. Baldwin, SN* 1978
Harry R. Schoepe, SN* 1979P/R/C
Leroy Crooks, N* 1980P/R/C
Leroy Crooks, N* 1981P/R/C
Leroy Crooks, N* 1982P/R/C
Harry B. Rieger III, N* 1983P/C
Harry B. Rieger III, SN* 1984P/C
Harry B. Rieger III, SN* 1985P/C
Lawrence B. Barnett, SN* 1986
Lawrence B. Barnett, SN* 1987
Suzanne Torrisi, JN 1988
Suzanne Torrisi, JN 1989
Howard E. Rothstein, SN 1990
Howard E. Rothstein, SN 1991
Howard E. Rothstein, SN 1992
Howard E. Rothstein, SN 1993
Howard E. Rothstein, SN 1994
Christine E. Zitniak, SN 1995P/DEO
Christine E. Zitniak, SN 1996P/DEO
Christine E. Zitniak, SN 1997P/DEO
Paul B. Dahlgren, JN 1998
Paul B. Dahlgren, N 1999
Paul B. Dahlgren, N 2000
Helmut K. Littmann, JN 2001P/C
Helmut K. Littmann, JN 2002P/C
Helmut K. Littmann, JN 2003P/C
Kevin G. Wagner, JN 2004
Kevin G. Wagner, JN 2005
George Zsamba, P 2006
George Zsamba, P 2007
Emanuel P. Alvarez, JN 2008
Emanuel P. Alvarez, JN 2009
Jimmy Eng, AP 2010
Jimmy Eng, AP 2011
Jimmy Eng, AP 2012
Vincent J. Praino, JN 2013